There are a simple few things that are stopping me from moving to Google+. The first is the main one that everyone finds, their friends aren't there. However I am happy to overlook this because it do see Google+ as the better social network. So what is stopping me then? well I like to come up with excuses for why not, like everyone does, and the other problem I have with Google+ is that my truthful age that I told them (16), means I am unable to join or create hangouts on mobile, which is a feature I would really like to use.

EDIT: Google has changed this and I can now join and create hangouts from my phone.

So, what other big events would make me shift over my social networking? well there do happen to be a few exceptions where I would switch to Google+ anyway, these are:

  1. When I buy a pair of Google's Glass
  2. The second major thing that would make me shift, would be if I went to work at Google, however unrealistic the chances, I do hope to apply there in another 8 months. If I was accepted, I would definitely be using Google+.

So summing up, Google+ is a great network, but right now, barely any of my friends are on it, and there are a few little annoyances stopping me from switching my social network over.